This theory suggests that you can determine the potential success of a relationship based on both party's preferences for a certain food — if one person likes the food, and the other doesn't, you will likely have a successful relationship.

Someone you find unattractive; the opposite of “eye candy.”

This is a young woman — usually between the ages of 18 to 24 — who shows her excitement with her friends by saying one expression in unison/

This rule says that in the first first five minutes of a date, you can decide if you want to commit to an entire night or not.

This is what happens when you see someone from your past, and you start behaving in a similar way to how you did the first time you were friends.

This theory suggests that, after spending a significant amount of time with a woman, a man will eventually find her attractive no matter how unattractive they found her at first.

Anything that makes you say “I’m too old for this s--t” belongs on this list:

This last name could be used as a verb, meaning to profess your love and obsess over someone you barely know, or a noun meaning the person who falls for the stranger.

A physical trait that can be found on men to let women know immediately that he’s a jerk.

The distance a man is able to travel comfortably without any pants.

A phenomenon that occurs when there’s one person who repeatedly walks out of a room or location and constantly misses the excitement.